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Thanks for Listening

2010-08-05 06:24:30 by MetaKnowledge

Recently I've been getting a bit of feedback for my 8-Bit submissions which has been really helpful, I feel like I'm improving a lot quicker. Anyway, more 8-bit and other stuff to come!


2010-05-22 11:08:35 by MetaKnowledge

Just Blanking


2010-04-23 14:27:42 by MetaKnowledge

Thanks Newgrounds, now my audio is finally up. I will be making more, so please rate and comment on my newest audio submission.


2010-04-12 18:09:45 by MetaKnowledge

It's been a week and a half, when will my audio submit?! It's not even that good, I've made a better song in the time it has taken. Am I being impatient, are there people who have gotten it worse? Because this audio approval system is a bit rubbish...


2010-04-07 19:07:32 by MetaKnowledge

Ah well, I just found out it takes 4 days if not more for them to approve audio. 2 more days to go. Make sure you guys catch it when it's posted.


2010-04-05 18:51:06 by MetaKnowledge

Wow it's certainly taking long for newsgrounds to approve of my audio...